The Choice Hotel Group has announced that Galway’s Hotel Meyrick is to be renamed The Hardiman, as part of a €10m investment package for the historic hotel.

The hotel has gone through several name changes since it originally opened at the terminus of the Midland and Great Western Railway Company in 1852, and the new name is a reference to Galway-based historian and scholar James Hardiman (1782-1855) who was renowned for his love of Irish history and culture.

A founder member of the Irish Archaeological Society and the Celtic Society, James Hardiman holds a special place in Galway cultural circles. He wrote the then-definitive history of the town and county of Galway in 1820, and made an important collection of Irish verse and songs in his major 1831 anthology, Irish Minstrelsy. His personal library was one of the most valuable Irish collections to come to market when it sold in 1856.

The Choice Hotel Group added The Hardiman to its portfolio in late 2017, along with the g Hotel & Spa and prior to this The House Hotel in Galway, and has recently made an investment of €7m in a refurbishment and rebrand of The Hardiman. They are currently awaiting planning for 19 additional bedrooms which will bring the total investment in The Hardiman to €10m.

“We are delighted to share the results of our refurbishment and rebrand with the renaming of the hotel as The Hardiman,” said General Manager, Patrick Murphy. “Our bedrooms and public spaces have been elegantly renovated in keeping with our new name and our original history as a railway hotel, and investments have also been made in key services, with a new wifi network and TV systems. At The Hardiman we currently have 103 rooms, with plans in place to increase this number in 2020, and we have many other exciting future plans for the hotel too — watch this space.”

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