The award-winning Galway Food Tours has released an innovative new self-guided app.

Working with Taste4Success Skillnet and app develoeprs StoryTracks, The Galway Food Tours App and Guidebook brings together over 40 of their personal suppliers as well as Sheena and Gosia’s most loved parts of the city.

“The intention of this project is for people to explore Galway through their knowledgeable eyes and with their recommendations to engage with the city’s collaborative nature,” explained Sheena and Gosia.

The funding provided by Taste 4 Success Skillnet towards training enabled Galway Food Tours to quickly adapt its business over the last year, when the hospitality and food tour scene was completely closed down.

Last year the food tours company launched a self guide pocketbook. “We initially developed the pocketbook and always had the view to developing a digital way in which people can enjoy Galway Food Tours. Working with Taste4Success Skillnet and StoryTracks has meant now this is a reality. The app has everything you need to know about the Galway hospitality scene. Within the app there are videos chatting to all the amazing suppliers, producers and business owners we work with. Meaning that you get that real sense of place and of course that Galway buzz which is like no other,” explained Sheena.

The Galway Food Tours App and keepsake pocketbook reveal what they particularly love about Galway, its people, places to eat and drink, and the events taking place in the city. There’s also the inside track on where to visit, as well as vouchers and discounts with partner locations. There are even illustrations by local artist Gala Tomasso.

Some of the highlights include one of the best sourdough sandwiches in Galway from Tartare, and a glass of wine at Ruibin on the docks. On Saturdays its Galway Market time and those world famous Boychik Doughnuts, then head out the road to Barna for a taste of Hooked Seafood with 10% off.

You can also enjoy vouchers when you head into Tigh Neachtains for a craft beer, or some Japanese cuisine in WA Sushi, a bit of shopping with The Tweed Project and their curated Irish designs or a screen-printed T Towel from Kai Restaurant.

“This book has been created to highlight Galway and is one that can be treasured for years to come. The illustrations, the little inside notes and the overall sense of Galway within it means it will make its way into homes, rucksacks and tote bags across the country and world for years to come. That is the beauty of it, a true travel treasure,“ said Gosia.

The Galway Food Tours Self-Guided Pocketbook is €35 and is available to buy from McCambridges, Ard Bia Restaurant, Charlie Byrnes, Coffeewerk + Press and Tigh Neachtains. For all other retailers check out Galway Food Tours across all social channels and online at

Download the Galway Food Tours App is free to download and is housed under StoryTracks on Apple and Android.

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