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FSAI Releases Images of Counterfeit Smirnoff Vodka

A genuine bottle label.

Further to our earlier story, the FSAI has now released images comparing the illegal counterfeit Smirnoff vodka in circulation versus the genuine product.

The pictures, which can be seen below, show two clear differences in the labelling of the two products.  The counterfeit product is labelled ‘Produced in Ireland’ whereas the genuine product states  ‘Produced in the United Kingdom’.  It’s worth noting however that Smirnoff bottles purchased 18 or more months ago state ‘Produced in Ireland’ and are indeed legitimate.

Additionally the counterfeit product has an address in Ireland – the genuine product has an address in the UK.

Anyone with a counterfeit bottle or who has seen one for sale is encouraged to contact the FSAI to report the product.


Counterfeit front label.

Genuine front label.








Counterfeit back label.

Genuine back label.

















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