There’s more interest in the sober curious movement than ever before and with that comes participation in Dry January.

As part of that movement, FRE alcohol-removed wine has released easy to make mocktail recipes, each featuring a different FRE varietal.

In addition to being N/A, FRE’s wines contain half the caloric content of traditional wine with an average of 70 calories per glass. With 50+ mocktail recipes, FRE can keep the Dry January energy and momentum going all month long.

When you or your friends opt not to drink alcohol, FRE delivers a refined alternative to sodas and flavored water. FRE alcohol-removed wines are optimal for all occasions, from mid-week relaxation to holiday celebrations.

Alcohol-removed wine category leaders since 1992, FRE crafts each varietal from California grapes, then carefully removes the alcohol while preserving the wine’s flavors.

Each FRE wine is crafted using traditional winemaking methods. Once crafted, the wine goes through a spinning cone to remove the alcohol while safeguarding the wine aromas and flavors. The finished product is a fresh beverage with the characteristic aromas and flavors of crafted, premium wine. FRE has less than 0.5% alcohol by volume and half the calories of regular wine.

Click here for the mocktail recipes.

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