A new food consultancy firm has launched in Ireland, offering agile consulting services to food businesses.

Launched at the start of November, iNewtrition adopts an Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, which is based on two pillars: constant availability and complete flexibility of services.

Dr Raphaëlle O’Connor, founder and director, said: “iNewtrition’s added value is in how we work with food businesses. Companies can get in touch with us at any stage of their innovation journey, whether it’s just an idea for a new product, an issue with an ongoing project, or lack of internal resources. We provide just the right amount of support they need, without necessarily a full project management contract, or the usual back and forth of emails and meetings.”

In her 25 years of experience as a food scientist and technologist, Raphaëlle worked as an entrepreneur with start-ups and SMBs, and also managed global and strategic food innovation projects for Wyeth, Pfizer and Nestlé.

It was during her corporate experience that she had the idea for a new type of agency: “Working with consultancies, we would typically go through long onboarding processes, many exploratory meetings and elaborated offers, before actually starting to work. That often killed momentum, which is very important with innovation projects. That’s when I realised there had to be a better way.”

iNewtrition operates through a network of technicians, academics and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. Their expertise includes consumer behaviour, market trends, food technology and regulatory compliance. There is a growing need for such knowledge to manage projects and teams successfully.

Investments in food innovation have been growing steadily in the past few years. According to AgFunder’s AgriFood Tech Investing Report – 2018, AgriFood Tech start-ups, raised $16.9bn in 2018, a 43% year-over-year increase.

Together with its consulting services, iNewtrition has launched its website inewtrition.com. “It’s an important part of our mission,” said Raphaëlle. “We want it to become a reference not only for food businesses, but also for other professionals in the food innovation space, who can find useful resources and create new partnership opportunities.”

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