Independent Irish whiskey bottler Flying Tumbler is preparing to release its second and third whiskies, following on from the success of its first whiskey, The Bird.

The company specialises in sourcing whiskey spirit to their specification from distilleries all over Ireland, and then bottling everything themselves in bond at Carlow Brewing Company.

The next two releases have been blended with the help of four students in the Brewing and Distilling programme of IT Carlow.

The project will see Flying Tumbler blend two expressions. The first, a development of its first product The Bird, will be a blend of triple distilled grain and malt whiskies married together in oloroso sherry oak casks for over 12 months and then blended with triple distilled single grain and single malt whiskies matured in ex bourbon oak casks.

The second bottling from a single cask – The Tippler –  will be a 12-year-old blend of grain and malt whiskies from two separate Irish distilleries initially aged independently in bourbon casks and then married into an oloroso sherry seasoned ex Californian 225L oak cask for over 12 months.

Both products will be disgorged, filtered and cut to drinking ABV onsite at Carlow Brewing Company by Flying Tumbler and the IT Carlow brewing and distilling students.

For more information about Flying Tumbler, visit their website.

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