All great dishes start from a great base, that’s why Knorr Professional Bouillons have been designed with every chef in mind, to deliver consistent quality and depth of flavour with a product format to suit every budget, nutritional requirement and allergen need.

Every bouillon in the range is gluten free, lactose free, contains no artificial colours or preservatives – and the vegetable formats are suitable for Vegans.

Knorr Professional paste, jelly, their new powder and concentrated bouillons come in a variety of flavours that chefs know and trust.

Knorr Professional has spent over 180 years bringing together perfect ingredients that transform simple dishes into something special.

With our extensive range of bouillons and a shared passion for joy-filled food, we provide professional chefs at all levels with the building blocks to creating dishes which make mealtimes memorable.

Audrey Crone, Executive Chef at Unilever Food Solutions Ireland, said: “A good stock is the building blocks of flavour in many of the key dishes on our menus, making a stock from scratch is both time consuming and high in energy consumption as you simmer your stock for hours and reduce to achieve your required taste.

“Using a great quality bouillon will not only save you time and energy but allow a chef to deliver that perfect flavour balance consistently no matter what the dish or the season. Flavour matters, it’s what makes a good meal memorable and keeps your customers coming back.”

The Knorr bouillon range includes pastes, powders and jellies and how you use each of these formats will depend on a number of factors. Answer the questions with Knorr’s matching tool and discover the best bouillon for your business.

Knorr Professional understands that the needs of chefs and foodservice operators are constantly evolving. That’s why there’s always been a wide range of product flavours and formats available and now the Knorr Professional range has been taken to the next level, with new packaging design, new formats and new product formulations.

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