Final Call for Gluten Free Food List

The Coeliac Society of Ireland has issued a final call for any manufacturer or supplier of gluten free foods to submit their products for inclusion in the 2018 Food List.

This annual publication is distributed to almost 5,000 Coeliac Society members and is the only listing of its kind in Ireland. Containing over 300 pages, the Food List includes products widely available in Irish supermarkets. In addition to the items you might expect such as gluten free breads, pastas and cakes the list details everyday items from cereals and ketchups to crisps and canned goods acceptable to those diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Listings in the Food List are free of charge, provided proof of the product’s gluten free status can be submitted for verification. The deadline for submissions for the 2018 edition is Friday 26 January.

The rise in popularity of the gluten free diet has led to increased availability of gluten free products. However, there is a difference in those choosing the gluten free diet for lifestyle reasons versus those diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Fergal O’Sullivan, CEO of The Coeliac Society of Ireland, commente: "A tiny amount of gluten can be harmful to someone diagnosed with coeliac disease. For instance, using the same toaster for gluten free and standard bread can lead to cross-contamination and potentially leave a person with coeliac disease very unwell. There is also ‘hidden’ gluten in a range of everyday items including; packaged meats, sauces and confectionary. This is why the Coeliac Society’s annual Food List is such a valuable tool for anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease."

Mr. O’Sullivan added: "The Food List is just one of the benefits of membership to The Coeliac Society of Ireland. As the national charity supporting those diagnosed with coeliac disease our mission is to improve the lives of those living with the disease."

For information on having your product listed call 01 872 1471 or email

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