Non-alcoholic aperitivo brand, Figlia, is launching its first ready-to-drink offering, 001. FIORE FRIZZANTE – an ode to the classic aperitif (no bartending needed), 001.

FIORE FRIZZANTE, offered in a sleek can, is a zero-proof aperitivo with effervescent bubbles and a touch of lemon. Bring the essence of summer in Italy to your favorite seasonal gatherings. 001. FIORE FRIZZANTE can be sipped anytime, at every occasion.

Fiore Frizzante was inspired by their most popular at home Figlia aperitivo and crafted using all natural ingredients including Fiore, sparkling water, and a squeeze of lemon. The beverage is vegan, gluten-free, and made without preservatives.

The taste is sophisticated and doesn’t mimic alcohol, to ensure it is not triggering for those suffering from alcohol or substance addiction. As is true for all Figlia products, 26-year-old founder and native New Yorker, Lily Geiger, conducted extensive research to ensure there would be no effect on serotonin levels, allowing those on antidepressants to enjoy. With transparency at the forefront of the brand, the design and exterior of the can features macro photography of the drink to act as a window into the beverage itself.

With the launch of Fiore Frizzante Geiger hopes to continue to engage in open conversations surrounding alcohol consumption, and create an accessible community where sober, sober-curious, or those just looking to try something new can feel included, share experiences, find joy and create meaningful connections and moments. This mission is deeply personal to Geiger, who for most of her young life, watched her father battle with alcoholism and at the age of 20, lost him to the disease.

Geiger’s first hand experience with alcoholism makes the introduction of Fiore Frizzante all more meaningful to her. To continue supporting this community, Figlia donates a percentage of all sales to Partnership to End Addiction, a non-profit that focuses on offering assistance for individuals and families impacted by addiction.

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