The first #BlackwaterTasters box of 2021 has been announced, and it contains two brand new, limited-edition spirits: a blood orange gin, and a first of its kind bittersweet spirit made especially for Valentine’s.

The bold blood orange gin is made with juicy blood oranges taking the lead vocals, with bitter orange and sweet orange on the harmonies. A post distillation infusion of blood orange slices gives a bare hint of natural colour and a vibrant fresh orange palate.

Meanwhile Love Potion No 5 is a bittersweet spirit containing pomegranate, finest grade saffron, five different kinds of peppercorns, pink roses, fresh citrus peel and cardamon. Love Potion No.5 Spirit Drink was co-designed with drinks consultant / brewer Susan Boyle who worked alongside Blackwater Distillery’s Head Distiller John Wilcox.

Each edition of the Blackwater Tasters Club box comes in a 100% recyclable box, containing two 200ml bottles of unique small batch spirits, together with detailed recipes to create the cocktails they inspired. The suggested cocktails use only readily available ingredients and each box delivers at least 8 to 10 cocktails or G&T serves. As a member of the Blackwater Tasters Club, you also receive exclusive invites, member benefits and expertise from their team of distillers and mixologists.

With each delivery, there’s an invitation for Blackwater Tasters Club members to join a virtual party with the Blackwater team and enjoy hearing the stories behind the spirits you’ll enjoy, with a tasting and a demonstration of the suggested cocktails.

A single Blackwater Tasting Club box is priced at €39.99, or subscribe for 6 months and get 3 boxes for €105, or save 23% with the 12 month membership giving you 6 boxes for €185.

The closing date to sign up for the February release is 9th February. Signups are available now at

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