As part of International Stout Day on November 1st, Diageo announced that brewers in Guinness are set to work on a feasibility study to investigate the viability of brewing a Guinness fit to be enjoyed in space.

The study was announced as part of Diageo’s Future of Stout Summit, which took place on International Stout Day in the Open Gate Brewery. The summit brought together experts from various different fields as well as representatives from breweries in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

The idea of serving stout in space is seen as particularly challenging as regards getting the balance of flavours right, considering human taste buds are altered at higher altitudes. There are also issues around zero waste packaging.

Speakers at the summit included Dr. Norah Patten, who is set to be the first Irish person to travel into space, Kitchen’s Theory’s chef Jozef Youssef, Oxford University Gastrophysics Professor Charles Spence, and Erin Peters, the beer writer behind International Stout Day.

Dr. Norah Patten said: “When I first heard about this project, I knew that I wanted to be involved. It’s brilliant that the brewers at Guinness are trying to solve a highly complex brewing challenge. I’m hoping to experience space first hand and having flown as a researcher on a recent parabolic flight campaign, I know that we need to keep innovating as we travel further into space. If I can share some of my own experiences working in the space field with the project team, then that will be personally very rewarding for me. I wish them the very best with their challenge. Although it may seem like a daunting one, the possibilities of space experiences for people are nearer than we think.”

To mark the occasion, Guinness has brewed a limited-edition celebratory new stout called Stoutosphere. Created especially for International Stout Day by Open Gate Brewery brewer Patrick Isard, the stout incorporates coarse ground coffee beans from Brazil with sweet chocolate malts for a creamy stout with a deep body.

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