With summer almost in full swing, it’s a great time to look at Allagash Brewing Company’s limited releases.

The award-winning, B-Corp Certified company takes great pride in its seasonal creations. This summer the brewery is releasing three specialty beers:

Seconds to Summer – Embracing the positive feedback of last year’s release, Allagash will re-release this summer seasonal in a 12-pack format (12-ounce cans), rolling out between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Brewed with traditional hops from the Czech Republic and fermented with Belgian yeast for a crisp, refreshingly hoppy flavor. 4.5% ABV.

Beach Report – A summer lager with crispness to cut through the sun’s rays, bright aromas to ramp up the refreshment, and a light snap of hoppiness to keep you coming back for more. 4.2% ABV; available in 16 oz cans, draft.

Two Lights Summer Ale – Ode to two of the most refreshing drinks of summer: cold beer and sparkling wine. While brewing this beer, Allagash adds sauvignon blanc must—the freshly pressed juice of the grapes. Then they ferment it with both lager and champagne yeast to create a tart, crisp, and dry profile. The finished beer’s aromas of pear, grape, and light hops pair with a flavor profile that’s a mix of tropical fruit and the snappy spritz of a freshly picked grape. Available in 16 oz cans, draft. 6.7% ABV.

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