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EBCU Raises Toast to European Consumers Day

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) is encouraging its members, and craft beer drinkers across Europe, to raise a toast to the beer industry this coming European Consumers Day on March 21st

The EBCU is an independent European consumer organisation campaigning for consumer rights, better choice of beer, and to ensure that consumers receive the best factual information about any beer on commercial sale.

Henri Reuchlin, the Chair of EBBU said: "EBCU is urging consumers across Europe to try a different style of beer to toast the European Consumers Day.

"Consumers across Europe today have a lot to celebrate. Diversity in beer is growing and countries across Europe are becoming more and more involved in beer production which is having a hugely positive impact on tourism and the economy. The week also marks a huge step forward for consumers as the European Commission has encouraged brewers to always list ingredients on the label so that consumers have better access to accurate information.

"But we must also be mindful that despite the positive impact the industry has across Europe, there is still more European governments can do to support consumers - including reducing tax burdens. Increasing duty and taxation on beer is hitting consumers hard and EBCU will continue to lobby the European Parliament to ensure the price of a pint remains affordable for consumers."

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