Eat Chicken & Drive at the Same Time: How KFC is Solving a Problem we Didn’t Know we Had

Eating and driving, finally made safe.

If, like the rest of the population, you have been stuck at some point in a car with an unwieldy bucket of recently fried chicken, hunger at hitherto untold levels, you’ll know all too well the dangers of holding said bucket while eating said recently fried chicken while also attempting to drive said car.

Well fret no more as KFC has invented a chicken bucket that fits snugly into your cup holder (assuming you have one), thus eliminating one of the three aforementioned problems in life.

Dubbed Go Cups and currently only on sale in America, the culinary cups are selling for $2.49 each and come with wedges and one of five choices including Original Recipe Boneless Chicken and a Chicken Little Sandwich.  The design of the cup is such that it’s sized to fit in most cup holders, with most of the food allowed to sit above the rim for easy access.  It’s also patented.

KFC also has research to back up the existence of this product – 42% of Americans surveyed would be more likely to eat in their car if the food container were to fit in their cup holder.  You can check out the infographics on FoodBeast.


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