Dublin Airport Serves up Shockingly Bad Guinness

Dublin Airport came under fire at the start of May for serving a British tourist with what might be the worst pint of Guinness poured in the country all year.

Kelly Jackson, from Wimbledon, London, ordered a pint of Guinness at Dublin Airport before flying back home, only to be served something that looked more at home in a house of horrors.

The pint in question sported an impressive three inch head, much to Kelly’s amusement who posted a picture on Twitter wiith the caption “Err Dublin Airport, sort it out”.

The tweet quickly spread on Twitter, followed by publicans around the country offering Kelly a free pint as compensation. Many more apologised, and one Twitter user went so far as to suggest the barman should be flogged.

“I watched as it settled to what is now the photo, which has gained all this attention,” she told Dublin Live. “Shocked, I swiftly took it back to the bar. The lady behind the bar looked at it in horror and apologised profusely.”

Kelly was given a replacement pint and a free soft drink to make amends.

“It was all in good humour but made extra amusing as I was in fact in the home of Guinness, Dublin, Ireland,” she said.

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