Communications agency Drury Porter Novelli has announced a brand refresh with the launch of Amplify @ Drury PN. a consumer and digital offering with a strengthened team and extended service offering.

The brand refresh reflects the current areas of expertise at DPN, which include brand story-telling and amplification both on and offline, creative and digital brand communications, strategic consumer PR, brand purpose, experiential, influencer outreach, digital strategy, content production, social media strategy and execution, and social listening.

The agency is also announcing a strategic partnership with The Brand Fans offering professional, channel neutral expertise in the planning, negotiation and execution of sponsorships and brand partnerships of any scale in collaboration with the Amplify @ Drury PN team.

Amplify is focused on what’s most important to the consumer, and authentic to brands, to help drive behavioural change, build brand reputation, differentiate and ultimately, drive sales. Clients include Irish Life, Cairn Homes, The Westbury, Beiersdorf, Java Republic, Love Irish Food, Languages Connect, OCF, Bike Week, BuJo and Natterjack Whiskey, amongst others. The team is led by Nicky Crichton, Brand Communications Lead; Breena Cooper, Creative Director; and Rachel Gallagher, Digital Strategy Lead.

Nicky Crichton, Brand Communications Lead, said: “The symbiotic relationship between brands, their agency partners and media owners is ever more apparent with all parties needing to ensure strong content performance a solid content distribution plan, measured against robust reach and engagement metrics.

“The creation of content that builds thought leadership for clients is another area of growth and a key trend this year, possibly linked to the global loss of trust in media as an institution, and the rise in the trust of ‘experts’ in their given field. Whilst the loss of trust in media represents an ongoing challenge given the irrevocable integration between PR, media and brands, this trend opens up a host of opportunities for senior level clients and brands to share valuable knowledge and insights with an engaged audience and become a trusted source of information.”

“The world of analytics, data, and PR have always been intertwined but never more so than now, and in using purpose built analytical tools, the team here is well placed to help clients unearth the meaningful consumer insights that inform behaviour changing campaigns.”

Drury Porter Novelli is part of Omnicom, the world’s largest marketing communications agency network.

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