Drinksology Launches New Jawbox Gin Campaign

Drinksology has released details of a new campaign for Jawbox Small Batch Gin, as the company readies itself for further international export in 2018.

#ThePerfectSwerve campaign is now live across online and offline channels including social media, website, content marketing, point of sale and more, and emphasises the gin's preferred serve with ginger ale and a garnish of lime.

The campaign aims to increase visibility and awareness of Jawbox gin across Europe and the US, whilst reach is also imminent in Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Founder Gerry White said: “Our consumer research and intel from our brand ambassadors leads us to believe there is an opportunity to generate interest and convert current non-gin drinkers. Often times people think they dislike gin when in fact they do like gin, but they dislike the bitter properties of tonic water.

“#ThePerfectSwerve campaign is the perfect blend of enticing and educational content and will bridge the gap that exists between our brand, non-gin drinkers and those looking to experience something original in a saturated category. Gin is exceptionally competitive but Drinksology has devised a campaign that we believe will evoke feelings of spontaneity and freedom amongst consumers, ultimately liberating them to try something new.”

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