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Drastically Reducing Your Costs

It may not come as much of a surprise to many of our readers, but the small guy always ends up paying more than the big boys.

Simple market economics dictate that a large hotel chain buying thousands of litres of milk a week is paying far less per litre than a much smaller business can negotiate for its much more modest requirements. Of  course the same goes for all utility bills, banking costs, food & drink, janitorial supplies... in fact pretty much everything your business is buying.

Until recently there was very little a smaller business could do about this. However change is on the horizon. It is now possible for these smaller businesses to pay as little as the big ones do.

To make this possible, and for the good of all businesses out there, Food for Thought - has teamed up with group purchasing business Trinity Purchasing. Read on below to learn a little more about the opportunity this represents for your business. And click on this link or the one at the end of the article for further information and to organise a completely free session with Trinity Purchasing, no obligations attached, & learn how much you could start saving right away.

But don't take our word for it... read below an interview with John Feerick, owner of Feerick’s Hotel in Rathowen, Co. Westmeath about his experiences of the process. Over the coming weeks & months we'll ask more and more businesses about their experience of the service.

John Feerick established Feericks Hotel in 1999, growing it from a small pub to a very successful hotel, pub and restaurant with a large function room and thirteen en suite bedrooms.

FFT: What level of understanding did you have of group purchasing before getting into the details with Trinity?
John Feerick: Well, we had sat down before and had a chat about it but we had a sound understanding of the concept of group purchasing before.

FFT: Were Trinity efficient to deal with?
John Feerick: Yes very, and it was all fairly easy to understand. Cheryl was very efficient and we understood what was going on. She sat down with us and went through what we needed to do.

FFT: Were you surprised by the savings and the areas in which they could save you money?
John Feerick: As I said we knew what we were doing but we definitely made some significant savings. A different business might be surprised.

FFT: Did they save you money across the board or just on certain purchases?
John Feerick: Everyone’s business is different and to be honest it is up to yourselves what areas you choose to go with. We did save money across the board - definitely with gas and electricity.

FFT: Were you nervous about moving from some of your suppliers?
John Feerick: I've got some great relationships with suppliers and I will be using some of the savings I am now making to support more local producers. When we moved from some of our suppliers we ensured that we had no debts, the process was very straightforward. Trinity did remove a lot of the ‘red tape’ for us and definitely got us the best prices.

FFT: How much do you estimate you are saving per year?
John Feerick: I estimate that we are saving around €40,000 a year across the board.

FFT: Did you have to pay for the initial consultation or provide any assurances of using the service before you got the results?
John Feerick: No, none whatsoever.

FFT: What is to stop you just going back to your old suppliers now and asking them to match the price?
John Feerick: Well technically nothing, but Trinity have access to the quality and service that we need. They stay in touch with us regularly and we can contact them every day of the week which is not something that anyone else can really offer us.

FFT: Are there any areas of your business that you would not use Trinity for?
John Feerick: Not really, no, but I do choose to support some local suppliers.

FFT: Thanks for your time John. Finally, would you recommend Trinity Purchasing to other businesses?
John Feerick: Absolutely.

Food for Thought - will talk to to other businesses with experience of group purchasing in the coming periods. But if you have any questions about how it works in the meantime please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for reading. Now click this link to learn more & start saving.

Drastically Reducing Your Costs
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