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Domino’s Hackers Demanding €30k Random for Customer Data

Now comes with free database security issues.

Now comes with free database security issues.

A group of hackers are holding to ransom the personal data of more than 640,000 Domino’s Pizza customers in Belgium and France, it has been revealed.

The group, calling itself Rex Mundi, claims to have accessed the information of 592,000 French customers, along with that of more than 50,000 Belgian customers.

The theft apparently happened last week and is isolated to stores owned by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, which oversees stores in the two affected countries.  Hackers are demanding €30,000 to prevent publication of the data.

Domino’s denies the stolen data contains any financial or banking details as the franchise websites in both countries don’t support online payments.  Customers were informed of the theft last week.

Andrew Rennie, chief executive of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises in Europe, told the Financial Times that “We refuse to be extorted and we are not going to play that game.  It cannot be good for anybody if companies pay ransoms. We have to take a stance on this.”

This is not the first time the Rex Mundi group has been involved in data theft.  In 2012 it published stolen info regarding loan applications from Americash Advance after the company refused to relent to the hacker’s demands.  Other victims include Buy Way, a Belgian financial institution and web host Alfa Hosting.


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