Boyne Grove Fruit Farm, home to Dan Kelly’s Cider and the Stameen Farm Apple Juice range, has opened a new online store where customers can purchase direct from the producer.

The store gives Boyne Grove Fruit Farm a direct route to market during the COVID 19 lockdown now that all bars and restaurants stocking the craft cider are closed.

The Dan Kelly’s Cider range includes the original Dan Kelly’s Cider, Whiskey Cask Cider, Single Variety Cider No. 1 and Coll’s Craft. The Stameen Farm range includes both apple juice and apple cider vinegar.

Introductory pricing for a case of 12 of the original blend and Coll’s Craft is €40. A case of 12 of the Whiskey Cask Cider is €42.50. A case of 24 Single Variety No. 1 330ml bottles is €50 while a mixed box of ciders (3 x 500ml Original, 3 x 500ml Coll’s Craft, 3 x 500ml Whiskey Cask, 3 x 330ml Single Variety) is €42.50. A case of 12 750ml Stameen Farm Apple Juice is €40. All prices include delivery nationwide.

The farm has also seen a 125% increase in sales of Bramley apple in recent months. The apple, which is traditionally used in baking apple pies and tarts, is in high demand as people look for ways to occupy their time with during lockdown.

Olan McNeece of Boyne Grove Fruit Farm said: “We have been working very hard to make sure our wholesale suppliers are kept well stocked. We only have a certain amount of apples that we can sell so we have been doing our best to make sure everybody is kept happy. It is an unexpected, but welcome, upside to this whole situation.”

Boyne Grove Fruit Farm has been in the McNeece family since 1962 and is home to over 14,000 apple trees, of which 90% produce Bramley apples. In 2013 the Dan Kelly’s Cider brand was launched by the family. Boyne Grove Fruit Farm is one of only a few cider and apple juice producers in Ireland to grow its own fruit.

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