Virginia-based Dacha Drinks has launched its fledgling business with a range of premium 100% mixers, ideal for creating cocktails at home.

Made using natural ingredients and no artificial additives, Dacha Drinks has created a set of three mixers with fruit, berries and herbs that will stay fresh in the fridge for as long as a month once opened, and which are suitable for use in a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

These easy to use mixers are designed to take away the hassle of shopping for the multitude of ingredients needed to create bar-quality cocktails at home, or at a party.

The range is available to purchase online from with free delivery to anywhere in Ireland and comes in three different sized sets – a pack of two (€42.99), a pack of three (€49.69), and a pack of six (€97.99) 200ml measure glass bottles. Each bottle is large enough to make as many as five cocktails.

Current available flavours are orange & basil, rhubarb, and raspberry & thyme syrups, with more flavours to launch in the summer as ingredients come into season.

The sets come in fully sustainable packaging (all of the paper used for the labels, stickers and menu cards etc are made from recycled post consumer stock, and the bottles and caps are 100% recyclable) accompanied by a list of recipe recommendations.

Spending more time at her home in Virginia, Co. Cavan as a result of the pandemic, Daria Caffrey, a well established wedding photographer whose business had ground to a halt following COVID 19, found solace in her home garden. It evoked happy childhood memories of time spent at her parents ‘dacha’ {da • tcha} (meaning ‘summer country cottage’) in her native Russia. There, surrounded by nature, she and her family grew their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, and gathered family and friends for celebrations convened at the table outside her family’s cottage, laden with food and homemade drinks.

This feeling of nostalgia combined with a sense of loss at not being able to go out and explore Ireland’s vibrant food and drink scene as they had done before lockdown, is what first inspired Daria and her husband, Michael, to switch career focus and put their combined energy into trying their hand at something completely new to both of them. They began experimenting with a patch of rhubarb bursting at the seams from their own garden in Virginia in pursuit of the perfect rhubarb margarita. Encouraged by the results, a six month process of product testing, development, market research and branding then followed, and thus, Dacha Drinks was born.

Commenting on the launch, Founder of Dacha Drinks, Daria Caffrey, said: “2020 was a very strange year for so many people. As a wedding photographer, my work was based on events and celebrations. So, when most of it was gone in an instant at the beginning of the pandemic last March, I felt lost. I loved my job, it was a big part of who I am and for the first time in my life I was struggling with my mental health. Creating and building Dacha Drinks, experimenting with flavours and recipes, and the desire for other people to be able to enjoy delicious unique cocktails at home kept me sane this past year and excited for the future! 2020 has encouraged us all to slow down, reminding us that the simplest pleasures are the most important: the joy of spending time with family and friends, enjoying local, home-grown products together and raising a glass to a happy future. I wanted to celebrate these connections and the values I grew up with, hence why I named the business, ‘Dacha’ {da • tcha}. I hope Dacha mixers will be a part of many people’s celebrations, big and small.”

Dacha Drinks will have a constantly evolving product range that ebbs and flows throughout the year with the changing seasons, making use of the best produce available to them from local growers including Ryan’s Rhubarb in Old Town, Co. Dublin and Clarke’s Fresh Fruit (strawberries) in Stamullen, Co. Meath, alongside responsibly foraged ingredients such as elderflower (when the season arrives) from Daria and Michael’s own land, guaranteeing mixers that are jam-packed with flavour.

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