At the start of July, Cuisine de France launched a pop up café, Le Petite Boulangerie, at 9 Camden Street in Dublin city centre.  The French themed bakery, with a menu designed in conjunction with pastry chef and author Louise Lennox, served tasty treats and breakfasts to customers until July 22nd.

In an authentic French style atmosphere the menu offers new and creative solutions to breakfasts with the introduction of the ‘croffle’ – a marriage between the classic rich buttery French croissant and the texture and cooking methods of the waffle.

Louise’s offering to the menu is a delicious and innovative approach to breakfast – a croffle combining the flavours of avocado and feta, with hazelnuts and tomatoes.  “As a household name and firm favourite amongst Irish people,” Louise said, “it’s exciting to see Cuisine de France bringing a new twist to their much-loved classic.”

Cuisine de France has certainly taken this creativity further, taking on an alternative to the breakfast roll, with croffles filled with black pudding and pulled pork, or a take on the classic chicken fillet roll with a breaded chicken filled croffle with a side serving of gravy.  “The menu and café overall show true innovation and prove that after years of inspiring chefs worldwide,” Lousie stated. “French cuisine still paves the way for exciting developments, with Cuisine de France making authentic flavours attainable while pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

Louise’s fascination with cooking began at the age of eight, working with her mother, producing paté and developed over the years to a deep love for pastries and desserts.  She also stated that she felt desserts were more creative and fun, particularly with the introduction of pastries such as the cronut.

Her interest in the science of cooking is also quite prominent in her love of cooking and she felt that because Cuisine de France has also incorporated this into their latest French offering.  “Nobody likes a soggy croissant,” she said when discussing the innovation of the croffle technique, using a waffle iron to keep the croissant crunchy.

La Petite Boulangerie celebrated all things French throughout its duration, with special celebrations on Friday 14th July for Bastille Day, the French national holiday. Customers were invited to join the festivities, absorbing the atmosphere and embracing French culture with a special menu added for Bastille Day only, alongside in-store entertainment and activities.

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