The entire inventory of brewery Brew Concentrate BV has been put for auction by Troostwijk Auctions in The Netherlands.

The brewery is selling off its entire premises due to a relocation as well as changes in its production process. Items such as storage tanks, laboratory inventory, pumps, premixers, tap systems and distiller equipment will come under the digital hammer. The auction comprises 146 lots. The lots include various storage tanks, premixers, rapid chillers, water softener systems, tap systems, distiller equipment and even laboratory equipment.

Bids in this auction can be submitted until Thursday, 28 January 2021; the auction closes at 2.00 p.m.

Brew Concentrate BV is moving to a new location in Amsterdam Westpoort and the affiliated The Beerbase Company will focus mainly on the production of beerbase. For this reason, the entire brewery inventory of Brew Concentrate BV is offered in an online auction.

In 2013, Marcel Lunter and Tjeerd Buijze founded The Beerbase Company, which produces ‘beerbase,’ – a concentrate that consumers at home can simply add sparkling water to in order to produce beer.

For more details on the auction, click here.

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