As much as we would like to avoid the inevitable, with Halloween barely past us, Christmas is only around the corner – particularly if you are running a hospitality business.  Preparations are already well underway with BWG Foodservice, which launched a new Christmas Delights 2018 brochure in late October at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, Ballymount.

Industry guests were allowed sample a wide variety of products and ask individual suppliers questions in their area of expertise, as well as see a range of serving suggestions, all in a cosy, inviting and suitably festive atmosphere.  The trade show followed a traditional Christmas Day pattern, beginning with breakfast, progressing to starters of soup and bread, following on to meat cuts for the main course and finished with dessert from companies such as Coolhull Dairy; as well as party platters and premium alcoholic beverages.

The new brochure contains many useful resources including calorie content, in line with incoming legislation.  As of yet, there is no immediate pressure for chefs or those in the industry to take nutritional information into account in their menus, but, for their convenience should they wish to steal a march on something consumers are increasingly looking for, the values have been included in the brochure.  It also contains information on how long expected delivery will take so that businesses can adequately ready themselves with supplies for busy periods.

The aim of the Christmas brochure, and of BWG Foodservice in general, is to make the whole process convenient and simple as possible for businesses in the hospitality industry.  This could be seen with the innovative way that the Irish fry was explored with ideas such as a fry on a skewer, proposing to save businesses on wastage with portion sizes – particularly when dealing with feeding children – or a fry in a wrap as an alternative and more easily transportable meal to the more traditional breakfast roll.  Portion sizes and easy preparation of high quality and fresh products are a major focus of the current offerings – taking the pressure off BWG Foodservice customers to divide their products during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period.

Ricky O’Brien, Head of BWG Foodservice, explained: “At BWG Foodservice we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our customers and believe that the only way to improve and remain at the top of our game is to listen to our customers and to provide them with the solutions and service they require.

“What we are experiencing is that consumers today are more health conscious and are becoming more educated about what foods they are consuming, in what quantities, and are very interested in tracking their calorie intake. We are taking that to the next level by highlighting the exact number of calories in the majority of the ranges featured in the Christmas Brochure.”

The enthusiasm of each of the suppliers for their own individual products within the BWG Group was palpable with businesses such as Heaney Meats, Edward Dillon, and Coolhull Farm showcasing their knowledge, versatility and quality of their products.  The same products that can be used at a deli can also be used at a high end gastropub, not only because of the high quality and consistency of BWG’s ranges, but also because of their ease of preparation – making them ideal for situations when turnaround times are tight and staff are in short supply.

Gift boxes were also another dimension to the event, and indeed the brochure overall, with the Traditional Cheese Co. and Brady’s Ham having products available for resale in nifty boxes – another possible source of revenue for businesses – proving that the BWG Group can be a one stop shop for all your business needs this Christmas.

BWG Foodservice is the foodservice division of BWG Foods, one of Ireland’s leading indigenous wholesale groups. The company employs approximately 1,000 people, including more than 50 in BWG Foodservice. BWG Foodservice serves the island of Ireland from three strategically placed multi-temperature depots in Dublin, Cork and Galway, supported by 20 Value Centres across the country, delivering innovative food solutions for hospitality, retail and catering businesses throughout Ireland.

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