Musgrave MarketPlace has reported all-time high sales of chicken wings in Ireland, with over 100,000 wings being sold every week via the nationwide wholesaler.

The figure was released as part of National Chicken Wing Day on 29th July. In total, Musgrave MarketPlace is currently selling over 5m wings per year, which equates to 510 tonnes.

According to a survey of over 200 Musgrave MarketPlace customers, Ireland’s favourite chicken wing flavour is hot and spicy (44%) followed by barbecue (25%) and buffalo (19%). When it comes to accompaniments, 60% of Musgrave MarketPlace customers serve their wings with garlic mayo. Other popular flavours which feature on menus across Ireland include blue cheese (44%) and ranch (12%).

There is no sign of demand waning as 40% of respondents say that chicken wings are among the top five most popular dishes served in their establishment, with a further 15% stating it is the most popular item on their menu.

As regards the preferred part of the wing, 60% of survey respondends said that the drumstick is the most popular piece in their kitchens.

The popularity of chicken wings has grown substantially in recent times with over 81% of those surveyed having added wings to their menu in the last ten years.

Commenting on the research findings, Desi Derby, Marketing Director at Musgrave MarketPlace, said: “The chicken wing has come a long way from a butchers off-cut to one of the most popular items on most menus. Chicken wings are a very versatile product, and a great vehicle for flavour. Easily adaptable to fit most food trends from high protein to gluten free, it’s great to see our growth in sales to over 5m wings per year.”

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