Grow Cook Eat, the popular RTE cooking show presented by founder of GIY Michael Kelly and the GIY Head of Community Development Karen O’Donohoe, will help launch the Chefs’ Manifesto in Ireland on TV this coming 1st April.

During the programme, which will air on RTE 1, Michael and Karen will showcase the manifesto – an international initiative bringing chefs together to help implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030.

While it involves seventeen goals related to food, a stronger focus is placed on ending world hunger. To launch the initiative, food “waste” from across Waterford is diverted to Grow HQ’s kitchen to create a unique dining experience. On the show, diners enjoy a meal created entirely from food waste by Grow HQ head chef JB Dubois and Chef’s Manifesto Ambassador Conor Spacey.

Chef’s Manifesto gives chefs the tools to focus on eight thematic areas, including ingredients grown with respect for the earth and its oceans, protection of biodiversity and animal welfare, reducing waste, a celebration of local, seasonal food and making nutritious food accessible and affordable to all.

Grow Cook Eat is a practical series aimed at helping people with little or no knowledge of growing their own food. As well as the step-by-step guides to growing vegetables, the series showcases features on water harvesting and improving soil fertility.

The show is anchored at the home of GIY at Grow HQ in Waterford City and each week the TV show also sees presenters Michael Kelly and Karen O’Donohoe travel to meet and visit expert food producers, chefs, and community food growing projects all across the country.

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