Ballymaloe Foods’ ever-growing foodservice range, has recently seen two big changes: the launch of our new Deli Bottle range, and a format switch that’s been made with our customers – and the environment – in mind.

Our new & exciting Deli Bottle range features five of our favourite sauces in convenient, top-down squeezy bottles – perfect for busy foodservice settings.

Ballymaloe Original Relish, Irish Stout Sauce, Pepper Relish, Burger Sauce and Fiery Relish are all now available in 960ml deli bottles – easy & squeezy!

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We have recently moved our 3KG Original Relish, 2.75KG Pepper Relish and 3KG Cranberry Sauce from stock jars (4 per case) to single pails. This decision will make transport & storage easier for our customers, while also reducing plastic packaging and improving logistics. There will be no change in price per kg or in the unit weight, making the transition seamless for all involved. This changeover will lead to a staggering saving of 650KG of plastic & cardboard per year.

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