Celtic Whiskey Shop Opens Cask Website

The Celtic Whiskey shop has opened an online cask website whereby members of the public can purchase casks of new make spirit.

Starting at €985 for a 200 litre first fill bourbon cask of single grain spirit, the service is operating in partnership with the Great Northern Distillery of Dundalk, Co. Louth, who are providing the casks and spirit.

There are five different spirit types to choose from, including: triple distilled single pot still, double distilled single malt, triple distilled single malt, and triple distilled heavily peated single malt and single grain.

The new make spirit can legally be called whiskey after three years of maturation.

Every cask bought will be transferred to Stafford’s Bonded in Co. Wexford to mature. The annual storage fee is €95 which would include a yearly 20cl sample so that buyers can track the progress of their purchase.

Every year, or as wine casks become available, Celtic Whiskey will do an offer where the cask owner can buy an alternative wine or spirit cask to transfer their ageing whiskey into. The cost of transferring the spirit/whiskey to a different cask is currently €30 plus the cost of the new cask. Casks can also be insured for €25 per year which would cover fire and theft.

Celtic Whiskey has been buying casks of whiskey from different Irish distilleries dating back over a decade. Their initial adventures were buying casks from Cooley distillery and finishing them in wine casks supplied by a number of the wineries that Celtic Whiskey import from. This is how their own, award-winning, brand of whiskey, Celtic Cask, was born in 2012. Since then they have released twenty nine Celtic Casks, one Dingle Celt and a Celtic Whiskey Shop anniversary bottling. In recent years they have purchased casks from nearly all of the new distilleries in Ireland and these are slowly maturing for future single cask or small batch releases.

Owner Ally Alpine, founder of the Celtic Whiskey brand, said: “In recent years, a number of distilleries and investment companies have been offering customers the opportunity to buy their own casks. At Celtic Whiskey this is something that we have always wanted to do but decided to wait until we had an offering that matches our commitment to quality, customer service and value.”


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