Hispanic Heritage Month has officially started, meaning it’s time to celebrate all the things that Hispanic people have accomplished, created, and provided.

Inspired by her Chilean roots and heritage, founder Catalina Gaete-Bentz launched Catan Pisco in 2018, introducing the U.S. to its very first American pisco brand and becoming the first woman-owned pisco company in Chilean history.

Sometimes called the love child of vodka and tequila, Pisco blends the versatility of vodka cocktails with the aromas and complexities of upscale tequila. It’s also one of eight pisco liquors to win Gold at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and sets the standard for what true Chilean pisco should taste and feel like every single time you open a bottle.

Catan Pisco starts and ends with premium 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes grown near the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Ovalle, Chile. The soil has naturally been irrigated by the surrounding fruit trees which all blend together to create a smooth, fruit-forward liquor. Catan Pisco is also 100% gluten and carb-free and farmed from grapes grown in partnership with Fair Trade Certified farmers.

No need to worry about not knowing how to mix a pisco cocktail. Catan Pisco has you covered with their cocktail kits, so you can impress with your skills. Each kit includes a full bottle of pisco along with the necessary ingredients.

Through CATAN H2O, 1 percent of the proceeds from each bottle sold is donated to fight the scarcity of water caused by droughts, agricultural emergencies, and the privatization of Chile’s water.

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