Tullow, Co. Carlow-based catering equipment supplier Caterboss was only founded in 2017, but has quickly grown to become one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of catering grade kitchen equipment.

Founder and Managing Director Ciaran Kilbride is no stranger to working in a kitchen. It’s from his direct experience that the idea for Caterboss, originally called Village Refrigeration, came from.

Ciaran has spent most of his professional life working in bars, pubs and restaurants. “Years ago I used to run a takeaway and our drinks fridge packed it in one day so we had to call out the local refrigeration company to get a cost on repair,” explained Ciaran. “He advised us that the repair was uneconomical and the unit required replacing.

“I went online to compare prices and found that the prices were quite high and this forced me to look to the UK for alternative options. I found similar options across the water for a third of the price the dealers here were selling them for,” said Ciaran.

This insight started generating ideas for Ciaran, but it wasn’t without issues. “Initially the UK wholesalers wouldn’t deal with me as I wasn’t in the trade,” said Ciaran. However, invention struck, and he found a roundabout way to import the fridge he needed. “I took a chance and set up a refrigeration company to allow me to import the equipment from them. This has turned out to be one of the best gambles I have ever taken.”

“From that initial purchase of one fridge, we have grown to become a multi million euro leader in this sector. We are now one of the largest and fastest growing suppliers of refrigeration and catering equipment in Ireland,” enthused Ciaran.

Caterboss has since grown to be Ireland’s largest distributor for equipment suppliers including Interlevin Refrigeration, Tefcold Refrigeration, Combsiteel, Unifrost and Banks, with plans to add to this portfolio.

The company offers financing on its sales.  “We work closely with a number of industry relevant lenders and finance partners to help offer customers tailored finance packages with super fast approval times,” said Ciaran. “If you apply for finance with us this morning, in most cases, we can have an answer within a few hours and have the equipment delivered to your door tomorrow morning. This level of service and fast turnaround is critical for customers in the food and hospitality sector.”

That idea of customer service, and Ciaran’s experience in the trade, allows Caterboss to offer detailed consultation on kitchen fitout. This means businesses can maximise space and eliminate inefficient purchases.  “Very often we find that customers who haven’t consulted with us prior to a purchase, end up purchasing equipment that is inferior for their needs or quickly becomes obsolete as they did not allow for growth in the business which would require a higher kitchen output,” explained Ciaran.

“At the other end of the spectrum we find customers who have overestimated their requirements and end up buying equipment that is far too expensive and too well spec`d for their needs. Both these mistakes can be very costly.”

“At Caterboss we have trained staff who can listen to your needs and then advise accordingly to ensure that the equipment you purchase is exactly what suits your needs and also factors in growth within your business or company to ensure that your equipment keeps on going long after its purchase,” said Ciaran.

Finally, Ciaran gives his advice for businesses looking to refit their kitchen space.  “No matter how big your kitchen is, the number one rule is to remember that space is always a premium. Inefficient use of space is a common mistake and can end up costing your business dearly down the road as you look to expand your kitchen or keep up with growth. For anyone that is thinking about upgrading their kitchen or planning a new one, we highly recommend our blog piece on How To Maximise Space In The Kitchen.”

For more information on Caterboss and to talk to them today about maximising space in your kitchen, click here.

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