For everyone familiar with canned cocktails, the thought has no dobt crossed their mind – is serving a RTD cocktail at a dinner party tacky or genuis?

Unless you enjoy spending hours preparing a bar area with essentials and cleaning up post-dinner party, canned cocktails can be a wonderful addition to any extravaganza. Whether you drink them straight from the can or pour over ice, they’ll cut preparation and clean up time in half.

Monaco Cocktails are arguably the perfect dinner party serve. Monaco’s base cocktail line offers diverse flavors featuring a variety of liquors including vodka, tequila and cognac. You can choose from ten different flavors such as the new Watermelon Crush, Sun Crush, Citrus Rush, Tropic Rush, Blue Crush, Lime Crush, Cranberry, Black Raspberry, Mango Peach and Purple Crush. Monaco Cocktails retail for $2.50-$2.99 per 12oz can or $9.99 per 4-pack and are available on Drizly, as well as at liquor, grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

“With tequila remaining one of the fastest growing liquor categories and watermelon positioned as one of the most beloved fruits in America, the opportunity is ripe to introduce the ultimate mashup of these refreshing, on-trend flavors,” said Don Deubler, CEO of Atomic Brands. “On the heels of the great success we’ve seen with the recent launches of our Lime Crush and Sun Crush flavors, we’re delighted to expand our agave tequila cocktail portfolio with the new Watermelon Crush, to continue delivering on the flavors and innovation our customers crave. Just as the weather starts to warm up, consumers can cool down and indulge in the bold, refreshing flavors of Watermelon Crush in a sleek, single-serve can, no matter where their next party takes them.”

Monaco Cocktails also recently innovated with its entrance into the hard lemonade category. Monaco Hard Lemonades disrupt the market and existing products in the space by offering two shots of vodka in every can and 9% ABV. Each can is also gluten and malt-free, using only real spirits. Available at convenience stores nationwide for $2.50-2.99/12oz can.

“Hard Lemonades are a quiet giant and boast a major flavor profile, which is why we felt like our brand was the perfect match for this category,” said Don Deubler, CEO of Monaco’s Parent Company, Atomic Brands. “Throughout Monaco Cocktails’ tenure, the brand has been dominating the canned cocktail market by providing high-ABV cocktails with a range of liquors and flavors to choose from. Now, our entrance into the hard lemonade category reflects that same journey. We’re excited to share this delicious combination of flavors with consumers nationwide!”

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