There is a large family on Achill Island, Co. Mayo called the Calveys. They and a group of Achill Island farmers rear flocks of mountain sheep who live outdoors in the open and the wild. They graze over 20,000 hectares from the heather hill tops to the rocky sea shores abundant with seaweeds and on everything in between.

First reared on mother’s milk, the lambs spend months feeding on the island’s rich rough pastures and then they are simply walked to the Calvey’s abattoir at Keel. That means minimum stress and maximum taste. They are slaughtered and butchered on farm using old fashioned traditional methods where almost everything is done by hand. The whole process takes place on the island.

louisecalveyCalvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb is protected by registered trademark; a sign of true provenance and superb quality.  Achill Mountain Lamb is combination of a gift from nature and true craft butchery, honed over decades. This year, the family celebrates 150 years over seven generations of hill farming on Achill Island. Martin Calvey himself has been tending his sheep for over 60 years. He set up the family abattoir and butchery at Achill Lamb HQ in Keel in 1962, making him one of the oldest artisans on the island of Ireland. His daughter Grainne is one of Ireland’s few female craft butchers.

When cooked, Achill Mountain lamb is succulent and juicy, bursting with the exquisite colourful flavours of mountains and cliffs and rocky seaweed shores. This exquisite lamb meat is a premier product but it doesn’t come at a premium price. This is true value for money.

Top chefs across Ireland like Philippe Farineau at Ashford Castle and Gary O’Hanlon at Viewmount House use it, but so too do hundreds of home cooks who make the most of every cut they are sent in a freezer-ready box. The Calveys believe the ultimate respect you can show for an animal is to eat as much of it as you can. That’s why you will get the breast and the neck fillet as well as the leg, loin and chops as well as a sprig of mountain herbs.


[quote_box_center]Achill Lamb, the exquisite artisan lamb meat crafted and produced by Calvey’s on-farm abattoir butchers since 1962 on Achill Island, Ireland. Order some today.  Visit for more information.[/quote_box_center]


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