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Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 18.58.55Why it’s worth getting your staff properly trained in coffee-making.

Eating out is all about experience, even going beyond the flavour of what’s on the plate: presentation, atmosphere, and a certain je ne sais quoi are all integral to the enjoyment of a great restaurant.

Most successful restaurateurs realise this, and take steps to ensure that their staff are properly trained: after all, first-rate service can transform an average meal into a special one, and mediocre service can put a sour taste on the meal – no matter what wonders the chef is working in the kitchen.

However, many restaurants – even when owners grasp the importance of offering quality coffee – will still let untrained staff prepare all manner of drinks. Perhaps this occurs because coffee is seen as a product in itself, with little or no skill required to process it into something you can serve. This mindset imagines coffee rather like a bottle of beer: a generic product that anyone can easily serve.

A more accurate analogy would be the cocktail – true, great spirits improve a drink, but only if the person making it knows how to use them. The same is true of coffee-making, where a sense of how much to grind, how much to press, and the chemical reactions that create a special cup of coffee is important.

Unless you have at least one staff member who truly knows how to make great coffee, you’re effectively throwing away any investment you make in quality beans. Moreover, your staff should be only too keen to learn how to make coffee at a high level – it’s a transferable skill within the hospitality sector, and an increasingly well-regarded one.

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