Blackwater Distillery has secured a new €3m supply contract with retailer Aldi, creating seven new jobs for the Waterford-based company.

The contract will see Blackwater’s gins sold in Aldi’s 1,500 stores in Australia, the UK and Ireland.

The announcement was made as Blackwater Distillery opened a new €1.5m extension to its facility in Cappoquin.

The new deal will see Blackwater Distillery’s Boyle’s Classic Gin and Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin sold exclusively in Aldi Australia’s 527 stores for the first time.

Blackwater Distillery has partnered with Aldi since 2016, developing the private-label Boyle’s Gin brand exclusively for the retailer’s Irish and UK markets.

The volume of product supplied by Blackwater Distillery to Aldi has grown by almost 900% over the past two years, with Aldi selling 140,800 bottles of the Boyle’s Gin range in 2018 across the UK & Ireland.

Peter Mulryan, CEO, Blackwater Distillery, said: “Our partnership with Aldi has helped us quadruple our sales since 2016 and has also provided the certainty to invest in and expand our business. Our new €1.5m extension will increase our capacity by 400%, while also providing on-site bottling facilities for the first time and a visitor centre.”

The success of Boyle’s Gin with Aldi shoppers has seen the range of products produced by Blackwater Distillery for Aldi grow to seven including; Boyle’s Classic Gin, Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin, Boyle’s Alchemy Gin, Boyle’s Sloe & Damson Gin Liqueur, Dolmen Poitin, Woulfe’s Vodka and Boyle’s Gin Tasting Set.

Aldi now accounts for almost 50% of Blackwater Distillery’s annual sales.

Aldi has increased its commitment to small & medium Irish suppliers this year, investing over €500,000 in year two of its Grow with Aldi supplier development programme and reducing payment terms to 14 days for suppliers that transact up to €300k annually with Aldi.

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