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Better Energy Efficiency for Your Business – Funding Now Available

As a leading provider of energy to 1000s of Irish businesses, Energia knows that controlling costs in your sector is vital. Identifying where your business can save energy is a good place to start.

For example, switching the lighting in your premises from conventional fluorescent lighting to LEDs can reduce your lighting costs by up to 75%. Although the savings can be substantial, it can be a costly exercise in the short term to implement.

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Get up to 30% Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects
Now, Energia have an Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme, Cash for Kilowatts, that gives businesses up to 30% of the cost of the project. Replacing lighting, upgrading heating systems and refrigeration, variable speed drives and air compressors are all part of the funding scheme.

Energia will also provide expertise and assistance with the implementation of projects. Whether you are implementing the project yourself or you require input from our carefully selected group of partners, Energia can help to get your project underway with safety and quality at the core.

It’s Win-Win for Your Business
Not only will your business benefit from the funding provided by Energia but with the additional cost savings from the reduction in energy usage means that these projects can literally pay for themselves.

It’s win-win, save on the costs of implementation and save substantially on your energy bill.

Examples of the typical savings that can be achieved include:
1. Lighting: Reduce your lighting costs by up to 75% by switching to LED.
2. Heating: Installing modern heating controls can save at least 25% of annual fuel costs.
3. Refrigeration: Upgrading refrigeration can bring savings of up to 30%.
Many businesses in the sector have already implemented projects and are enjoying lower bills and the added bonus of benefiting the environment with less CO2 emissions.

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