In recent years, a typical night out in any big city around the world could have included a trip to a casino.

Once upon a time, casinos were a bastion of the rich and famous, brought to the public’s consciousness by characters such as James Bond, living a glamorous life. That image of a casino is still correct for some establishments, but many major cities and destinations around the world now have somewhere for gaming fans to while away the hours.

Ireland’s own hospitality industry is thriving, and we have a great selection of restaurants, hotels and leisure destinations for travellers to enjoy across the land. As recent restrictions are being lifted and destinations such as The Virgin Mary Bar begin to open, residents and visitors are finding out once again what Ireland has to offer.

Ireland has its fair share of casinos too, despite the loss of the Fitzwilliam Card Club, a private members club in Dublin which closed its doors last year. Whether in the nation’s capital or in one of our provincial towns, travellers and residents can enjoy a host of games in any of these excellent gaming establishments.

The Sporting Emporium (Dublin)

Based in St Anne’s Lane in Dublin, The Sporting Emporium is a casino with a heavy sport’s theme running through it. Operating since 2005, it offers an air of elegance to visitors with rather sumptuous fixtures and fittings more akin to the traditional image of a casino in contemporary culture.

All the usual games you would find in a casino are on offer here, from blackjack to roulette, as well as coverage of major Irish sporting events, as perhaps you would expect from a place with ‘sporting’ in the title.

Macau Sporting Club (Cork)

The Macau has two locations in Ireland, one in Dublin and the other in Cork. The Cork location is based in the city centre and delivers gaming elegance outside of the capital city. There is a great restaurant for visitors to enjoy prior to gaming, as well as a dedicated poker room.

As well as offering all the typical casino pursuits the discerning gamer expects, the Macau also has a wide variety of video slot machines, which as Gala Spins explains have become a key component of brick-and-mortar casinos across the world. They offer progressive slots, which means the jackpot goes up the more people play, with some tantalizingly big rewards on offer for successful players. There is also an electric roulette wheel, fitting in with the advanced technological feel of the casino.

Caesar’s Casino (Galway)

Named after the more famous Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the Galway casino aims to deliver a slice of the City of Lights in the City of Tribes. Based on Upper Salthill Road, a short walk from the promenade, Caesar’s Casino is well known for its expansive bingo hall, with over 200 seats for gamers to occupy.

As well as specialising in the traditional seaside pursuit, there is also an array of slots and video roulette games here, as well as video poker.

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