Sunday, 22nd March, saw a massive queue outside the Beshoff Bros shop in Howth, with members of the pub flagrantly disrespecting the expected social distancing protocol.

Concerned members of the public shot videos of the queue and took to social media to share their thoughts on the ‘recklessness’ of both the restaurant and customers queuing considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst the anger, it appears that several members of the public confused the Beshoff Bros takeaway with Beshoffs of Howth – both of which are situated in close enough proximity to each other and share a similar name. The two are, however, very different premises as Beshoff Bros is a chipper and Beshoffs of Howth is a seafood restaurant and fish retailer and supplier.

Irate members of the public went to Twitter tagging in the incorrect restaurant in photographs of the queue with tweets such as: “The line outside of Beshoffs in Howth for chipper yesterday was a joke?? Like go for a walk get out that’s grand but standing on top of each other for a bag of chips is just being brainless the same people who are screaming out for us to be out on lockdown like.”

Beshoff Bros stated that they did try to implement social distancing by only allowing a single customer into the shop at a time, but since the coverage on social media has resulted in company receiving death threats, it would be safe to assume that Beshoffs of Howth also received some of this misplaced public outcry.

On the 23rd, one day after the photographs and videos were taken, Beshoffs of Howth made the following statement on social media in order to clarify the confusion over which was the offending establishment:

“We would like to notify the public, our followers on social media and our customers that we have been falsely accused of being the food establishment that had queues outside with no social distancing yesterday. We are not that business, and we have no connection to any other shops, or takeaways in Howth or elsewhere. We trade as Beshoffs of Howth and we are seafood restaurant, wholesale seafood supplier and retail fishmonger, we are not the takeaway that trades as Beshoff Bros. Our seafood restaurant has been closed since March 16th. Our retail store is operating under stringent measures to ensure the health and safety of all our customers and staff.”

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