Beer Renaissance Brewing as Exports Rise 7%

Group calling for reversal of recent excise hikes.

Group calling for reversal of recent excise hikes.

The Irish Brewers Association (IBA) has released their Annual Market Report which shows that exports of Irish beer are on the up, rising from 43% in 2012 to 50% in 2013.

The report also shows that beer remains the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink, accounting for 47% of the market.

The export growth has allowed employment to grow in the sector. Direct employment now stands at 1,934, up from 1,506, and the brewing sector continues to support over 3,000 farming families.

The IBA’s market review suggests that there is a ‘beer renaissance’ on the horizon with an abundance of new brewers attempting to enter the market. However, the group has warned that in order for the emerging players to reach their full growth potential at this time, the Government must reverse excise on alcohol.

Commenting on the report, Senior Executive of the Irish Brewers Association, Thomas Burke, said “The Irish Brewers Association ‘Irish Beer 2013’ report highlights the important role that the brewing sector has in the Irish economy, with beer production remaining the most important sector within the drinks industry in terms of indigenous manufacturing, providing jobs in major brewing facilities throughout the country. It is a sector which has continued to show resilience despite extremely difficult trading conditions in the last 12 months.”


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