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Beer of the Month: Guinness Open Gate – Pure Brew

As the memory of Dryanuary is still all too fresh, I thought it fitting to start the 2018 Beer of the Month with a non-alcoholic beer. Pure Brew comes from the Guinness Open Gate brewery and the first thing to know is that this is not just a new version of Kaliber. The only thing it shares with Kaliber is the 0.5 ABV and that it’s a lager.

Pure Brew looks and tastes like many regular lagers and is better than some - that’s because it’s fully fermented rather than having the alcohol removed later. A special yeast strain is used to produce a limited amount of alcohol.

It’s bitter but has a strong fruity, malt backbone with some citrus notes. If you weren’t told it was essentially alcohol free, you might not even know it.

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