Average Dublin Drinker Spends €81 on a Night Out

Average spend is €81 - but only half goes on drink.

Average spend is €81 – but only half goes on drink.

According to a new survey conducted amongst 500 Dubliners, the average spend on a typical night out in the capital is €81 with alcohol making up about half the total spend.

The Behaviour and Attitudes survey, conducted on behalf of the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA), claims that the other main items of expenditure which vary by age group are food, babysitting, taxis and nightclub entry.

Six out of ten people surveyed believe being on Facebook in a Dublin pub is highly antisocial – surprisingly the figure is highest for 18 to 34 year olds, rising to 66% for this age group.

When it comes to television 40% believe it should be on for sport only while 20% believe it should never be on. 15% believe it should be on all the time while 28% have no opinion.

The Chief Executive of the LVA Donall O’Keeffe said while the vast majority of people came to pubs to meet up with their friends, it was also clear that social media and television, particularly sport on television, have important roles to play.

“The fact that 60% of people think being on social media in a pub is highly anti social is really interesting. But it’s not a simple yes or no to social media. While we may not like seeing people on Facebook in company, a substantial majority – 60% – said a good pub should have Wi-Fi. So even if people are not on Facebook or Snapchat or betting websites all the time, it’s clear that having access to them for a range of devices is really important and it’s something our members will have to take on board.”

According to the survey 6 out of 10 people believe the main benefit of a night out with their partner is that it improves their relationship. However, men seem a lot keener to do this than women with 79% of them saying it’s important to go for a drink with their partner while this drops to 72% for women. And while 41% of men think a trip to the pub might create the right mood for later romance the corresponding figure for women is 30%.

When asked what pubs could do to attract more customers, respondents said they should reduce prices, increase drink and food promotions, improve the food offering, create a good atmosphere and provide entertain


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