Facilities management services provider Aramark has launched DISH; a Digital Innovation Solution for Healthcare. The platform offers a bespoke digital ordering system for healthcare environments.

Developed in Ireland, DISH combines new technology with customised menus into a seamless, integrated, digital healthcare solution. The platform offers reliability, efficiencies and support for patients, healthcare staff and foodservice workers.

Available for use in a wide range of public and private healthcare settings, pilot testing has shown that busy hospitals can save 2,000 man hours of administrative work per annum, while also removing the potential for human error in the patient ordering process.

Created in collaboration with Nutritics, an industry leader in nutrition and food management software, DISH focuses on improving patient safety, removing potential errors in data collation, displays allergens, ingredients, and nutritional composition, texture, and identifies appropriate therapeutic meal options.

Smart ordering minimises the risk for patients with food allergies and reduces touch points and contact between patients and hospital staff. It helps to ease communication barriers with certain patient groups. Written, visual and verbal menu choices are all designed in compliance with HIQA requirements.

DISH can also fully integrate into each hospital’s patient management system, calculate specific individual nutritional requirements, including stress factors and activity level, which can be utilised by the hospital’s dietetic and clinical teams. It is an all-round solution ensuring connectivity and continuance of care.

Elbha Purcell, Head of Dietetics and Wellbeing, Aramark Northern Europe, said: “Everyone knows the pressure that Ireland’s Healthcare system is under, so we set out to create a solution that improves efficiency, quality, and safety, as well as reducing food and paper waste. It was critical for us that DISH can truly transform the inpatient feeding experience in every setting, serving everyone involved in the process.

“In equal importance, we made sure that DISH drives efficiencies, sustainable practices, and cost savings, removing an unnecessary environment impact and cost of the existing process. It reduces time from kitchen to pantry to patient, taking pressure off frontline staff, and helping to reduce food waste.”

Shane Flynn, Managing Director for Aramark Food Services, Facilities Management & Avoca, Ireland, commented: “I’m excited for the transformation this solution can bring and look forward to seeing this Irish innovation grow and serve Aramark’s Healthcare partners and patients around the globe.”

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