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Aramark Digs in with Community Vegetable Garden

More than 50 Aramark chefs, dietitians and other employees gathered at O’Toole’s GAA club, on the north side of Dublin at the end of September, to build a vegetable garden to help local families make healthier food, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The initiative is part of the annual Aramark Building Community (ABC) Day.

Shane Flynn, Managing Director for Food Services and Facilities Management, Aramark Ireland, said: “Involving local children in a gardening initiative like this can do more than just cultivate green fingers. It is a great way to help young children understand where their food comes from and gain life skills in gardening and cooking at an early age – all while fostering an interest in healthy eating and reinforcing better eating habits.”

“Nutrition and gardening are a perfect marriage to promote good health. Children are naturally curious, so it’s really just about peaking that interest. Through the garden, children will gain an appreciation for the origin of their food. By actively participating in planting and caring for vegetables, they are learning how to grow their own food; how to prepare their own food; and how to have fun doing both.”

“Aramark is dedicated to enriching and nourishing the lives of our clients, customers and communities, and ABC Day is a true demonstration of this commitment. It’s all about improving the health of local families by bringing much-needed resources and education to help them lead healthier lives,” said Frank Gleeson, President, Aramark Northern Europe.

Gerry Corry, Chairman, O’Toole’s GAA, said: “We were blown away by the passion and energy of the Aramark team today. We welcomed 50 volunteers to the site and they have each made a tangible contribution to our club that will stay with us well into the future. I am delighted with our vegetable garden and the fantastic work the team carried out across the site to support our members.”

“We have nearly 1,200 members and I know they will all be so excited to watch our vegetables grow in the coming months – especially our 700 younger members. Aramark have promised us they will come back in spring to give educational talks to our members on how to make the most of our vegetables! A huge ‘well done’ goes to Frank, Shane and the team.”


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