Looking back to 2011 and CashGuard’s first installation at Spar Dutch Village, Clondalkin, and Donal O’Gorman’s first bar and restaurant five years ago in Portlaoise, the company has come a long way but is this really a surprise?

It shouldn’t be – CashGuard is the leading cash management company in Europe with 30,000 installations, and it was only a matter of time before Irish retail and hospitality owners realised the benefits that the system can bring to their business, with now in excess of 150 sites nationwide.

Each install has a similar storyline and the latest install – Richard Hayes-owned Rising Sun Restaurant and Bar in Mulinvat, Kilkenny, is no different. With each install the requirement is for either security or time savings or an element of both.

Richard has been investigating cash management solutions for a while with an emphasis on time savings in reconciliation, no errors at the till, no float management and after evaluating speed, ease of use and costings decided that CashGuard was the right solution for him.

Of course there is also staff protection and security, both over the counter and behind the counter. These are some of the main benefits, however putting all of these together achieves the greatest of all benefits – peace of mind.

With CashGuards installed, both owners and managers work smarter and spend a lot less time on counting and cash reconciliation; and cashiers are less stressed worrying about till errors and having to explain missing cash.

CashGuards are now installed throughout Ireland in convenience stores, forecourts, pharmacies, restaurants, take aways and bars, as well as hardware stores, electrical outlets, play centres and shoe shops.

To find out more visit the new CashGuard website at www.cashguard.ie where you will find owner, cashier, accountant video editorials, pictures of installs and locations of all site installs. CashGuard boasts over 150 site installs and an extremely satisfied client base, and has links to all the major point of sale providers.

With so many installations the only question you should have is why you have not installed CashGuard already!

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