AK Techotel Providing a Helping Hand to Hotels

AK Techotel is providing a helping hand to hotels over the coming months, by offering its digital assistent ‘Mona’ for free as part of their contactless PMS systems until the end of the COVID 19 pandemic.

To help out the hotels that are operating on a much reduced workforce, Techotel is loaning its Mona digital assistent for free.

Mona is the fully automated PMS that allows the guest to check in and check out without the requirement of staff contact.

It creates bookings, send confirmations and creates any charges required for the guest bill. Mona also allocates rooms and checks the guest in and then checks the guest out, and sends them their bills on departure.

With Monda taking on these automated tasks, it minimises the direct contact between eployees and guests, increasing safety for everyone involved. It gives staff the opportunity to concentrate on other tasks while the pandemic lockdown continues.

For more information, visit https://www.techotel.ie/en/mona-your-digital-assistent.html.


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