With summer in full swing, people are embracing the switch back to meeting in person.

But, the pandemic is still impacting many across the country and through a recent survey, Absolut found that Americans aren’t communicating their social boundaries or expectations when out of the house.

The survey shows that 69% of American Gen Zers and 60% of American Millennials planning to go on in-person dates this summer. However, the survey, conducted by KRC Research, revealed that over half of adults (56%) have not talked to their friends about their social distance expectations, and among those planning to go on in-person dates, 47% don’t expect to.

Which is why the brand is helping fans playfully express how they want to mix with others during this ever-changing environment. The limited edition Absolut Summer Comeback collection was co-created by Emmy Nominated POSE actor and singer, Michaela Jaé (Mj) Rodriguez, and the “queen of confidence” and dating expert Serena F**king Kerrigan.

Featuring cheeky one-liners that broadcast how the wearer wants to mix, the collection invites fans to shop the statement that best reflects their status. Statements include:

Michaela Jaé (Mj) Rodriguez #MixResponsibly Comeback Statements:

  • Ask Now. Mix Later
  • Out Now Live
  • The Mix of My Choice

Serena #MixResponsibly Comeback Statements:

  • Summer’s Hottest Single
  • I liked you better 6 ft apart
  • FOMO is back

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