About Us

fft. (Food for Thought) is a carefully compiled & informative resource for those involved with Ireland’s hospitality sector. It aims to be engaging, helpful and educative for hospitality operators and employees, their suppliers and related parties.

With an intelligent focus on cross-industry knowledge and standards, the agenda is to encourage best practice within these businesses for the benefit of all concerned. Ultimately our mission at fft. is to foster stability and encourage sustainable growth, within all sectors.

fft. produces a monthly newspaper and weekly newsletter, on the back of a daily updated website that is read by tens of thousands of industry professionals every week.  In addition the the valuable & unique content we produce, resources such as a Purchasing Portal are also available.

We are the official publication of the Restaurants Association of Ireland and our monthly magazine is distributed to the association’s 2,500 members along with all preferred suppliers and advertisers and our own list of industry stakeholders.

Our editorial team is led by Managing Editor Mark Murphy, while our advertising team is led by Thomas Holland.  You can find more information on our team page.

At fft. we are always interested in hearing from you, our readers, and we are currently recruiting for various roles. If you would be interested in more information or if you have any questions please get in contact with us.

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