52% Profits Increase at O’Donoghue’s Pub

Profits at O'Donoghue's Pub, one of the country's best known bars, increased by 52% last year.

Newly filed accounts for O'Donoghue's (Merrion Row) Ltd show that profits for the year ending 2018 totalled €521,152, an increase of €179,998 on the €341,154 profits recorded in 2017.

Directors' renumeration dropped from €605,555 to €354,859, cmprising of €154,859 in pay and €200,000 in pension contributions

The famed pub on Merrion Row is best known as a venue where the Dubliers often played in the 1960s, and is owned and operated by the Barden family.

The building dates to 1789, and began operating fully as a bar in 1934 under the ownership of Maureen and Paddy O’Donoghue. Oliver Barden purchased the pub in 1998.

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