100% of IFSA Members Have Experienced a Decrease in Demand

Every Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance (FSAI) member has experienced a decrease in demand, according to newly published member survey results.

The IFSA Member COVID-19 Business Impact Survey results highlight the issues which foodservice suppliers are grappling with today as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. Over 200 members have taken part in the survey so far.

Other highlights include 100% of respondents stating that they are planning a decrease in production; and 70% have or are likely to take action in terms of cutting staff numbers. 64% are preparing to reduce or even cease business operations.

A vast majority – 80% – have have calls with customers regarding their current trading situation.

55% of businesses said they are able to continue to trade under the current conditions for three months; worryingly 18% responded they are able to trade under the current conditiions for only one months. 9% replied upwards of six months, and 18% replied they can trade for a logner period.

20% have accessed available bank supports. Overall, on a scale of 1 – 10, IFSA members are a 6.3 in terms of how concerned they are about the economic impact of COVID 19.

The final results of the survey will be shared with the EU lobby group for the catering industry, EFCEM, and with Government.


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